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SOL Remote Learning Center 

"Where safety is our number one priority."


Our vision is to create a safe and healthy learning environment for your children. SOL church is committed to serving our community by providing pandemic pods for school age children. Our goal is for children to safely participate in remote learning. SOL church is committed to serving our community by providing child-care services for school age children. Our goal is for kids to safely participate in remote learning.


Child Safety

All activities will be conducted under the current New Jersey statutes and directives for safety under this current pandemic.

-No more than six children assigned to a room (pandemic pod)


-One facilitator per room (No more than six kids)


-Seats will be spread six feet apart according to social distance regulations


-Hand washing sessions will be encouraged after every class and or each hour.


-Wearing masks will be highly encouraged and enforced to each parents specifications.


-A file will be created for each student to follow any guidelines specified by parents. 


-An "in case of emergency" record will be filed for emergency situations.


Energy action plans

-CALL 911

-CALL Parents


Give us a call:




AGES 4-6

Welcome to our little cubs groups. Starting from Pre-K all the way to 1st grade. Where children began to grow and learn numbers, letter, and sight words.


AGES 7-10

Welcome to our strong lions groups. Starting from 2nd grade all the way to 5th grade. Where children began to learn add to read book and multiply numbers


AGES 11-14

Welcome to our mighty lions groups. Starting from 6th grade all the way to 8th grade. Where children began to enter into their teenage year and learn responsibility in school and at home.


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