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SOL church is committed to serving our community by providing child-care services for school age children. Our goal is for kids to safely participate in remote learning.

Pandemic Pods

A fresh new outlook on education under our current crisis. Pandemic pods create safe environments for kids learn. Usually facilitated by tutors and substitute teachers.

These are small group spaces of safety.

Education plan

-Assist the local school district with facilitating each district's grade curriculums.


-Each child's schedule for remote learning will be noted.


-Overseers (facilitators) will be tasked with the responsibility of making sure each child attends the appropriate online class room at the appropriate time.


-Arts and crafts supplies with be made available to accommodate art classes


-Outside trips to the park, basic calisthenics, and jogs can be substitutes for gym classes.



Give us a call:



-Parents are responsible to provide lunch.

-Lunches will be labelled and put away safely till the appropriate time selected for lunch.

Down Time

-After classes are concluded, various hobbies, games and activities will be provided for your child's enjoyment.



Sponsor A Child

Buy sponsoring a child, you are direct a student where there is a need.

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